Angelo Kovatchev Angelo Kovatchev Kameramann / Cinematographer

It's about that short little moment, you look up from your phone, this tiny escape from the real world. It`s about how you perceive your environment and the people surrounding you. They can do a lot to you, if you let them.
Iskander Madjitov as “he“ gave me, as a storyteller, just what I wanted to show. Great job buddy!
Babette Rasch is one of the most beautiful girls I've worked with.
Gregor Auslender, you did it! Just for the record, this film was made within 5 days (idea -> mp4) and you my friend used every single minute to make it happen!
A special thanks to Julien v.S. who did a great job grading. Without you, this film would have looked very different!
Ludovico Einaudi´s piece „Questo Volta“ gave me the idea to the story. Thank you for your music. You are a truly a genius!
Thanks to the whole crew. You have made it possible! Never change a running system!
I hope you have enjoyed watching and maybe even got some goosebumps at the right time :)

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He: Iskander Madjitov
She: Babette Rasch
Director: Angelo Kovatchev
Cinematographer: Angelo Kovatchev
Editor: Angelo Kovatchev
Colorist: Julien v.S.
Special Thanks To:
Max Posny
Raphael Weitzel
Gregor Auslender