Angelo Kovatchev Angelo Kovatchev Kameramann / Cinematographer

film project for

staring Qaher Haharsh @qaherhar, Tom von Gagern, Nicola Atieno, Lina Berg @_lina_berg_, Kati Nescher @katinescher

creative concept by: Gianna Johnke c/o Closed

women styled by: Wiebke Bredehorst @wbredehorst

men styled by: Dan May @mrmay1

hair & make up by: Carolin Jarchow @carolionjarchow

photography by: Maximilian Bartsch 

director of photography: Angelo Kovatchev @xmpc

cut and grading by: Helge Neidhardt @herr_helge

music by Ben Esser @ben_esser

directed by Johannes Haeussler